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On January 5th, 2011, I bought a 1993 Cadillac Deville from Newmans Used Cars at a cost of $3200.00, which I paid a $500.00 down payment on, in the form of a check written out in my name from my uncle Attorney John McClure.There are a number of issues I would like to point out in this letter. The Used Vehicle Order dated 1-5-11.

All information was written by you except for my two signatures. The used vehicle order states that I was buying a '1995 Cadi Dev 4D'. Also, the total purchase price of $3439.00 as well a cash on delivery payment of $500.00, does not equal a total payment of $3439.00, as the dealer entered? The sections for the odometer and my social security number were left blank by the dealer. Pertaining to the Used Vehicle Order dated 1-5-11. When I requested a copy of the used vehicle order from the dealer on 1-24-11, he had altered the year of the vehicle and had added in my social security number without my consent and after the completion of the sale. Pertaining to the Memorandum Title, Issue date 1-20-11. It states: MLG BRAND NON-ACTUAL: WARNING Odometer Discrepancy. Pertaining to the Odometer Disclosure Statement, dated 1-5-11. It states: "Newmans U/C state that the odometer now reads 124045 miles, and to the best of your knowledge that it reflects the actual mileage of the vehicle described below, unless one of the following statements is checked." Neither of those statements are checked. Referring back to the Memorandum Title, where it states "non-actual: warning odometer discrepancy", the dealer nnever mentioned any odometer discrepancy to me. Pertaining to the Bill of Sale, dated 1-5-11. Once again the cumulative mileage on odometer is blank and the total sales price is not filled out either. Pertaining to the letter I hand delivered to the dealer on 1-10-11. When I asked to test drive the vehicle, he told me that it would have to be jumpstarted as the battery was bad in it. I insisted on test driving it so he attempted to jump start it with his battery pack. He then told me that his battery pack wasn't working so I got a set of jumper cables for him to get it started. I had to prematurely cut my test drive short as the brakes failed during the test drive. I immediately very cautiously drove it back to the dealership and told him that the vehicle had no brakes. He stated it was a busted brake line and must have 'just happened'. He informed me that that the only three things wrong with the car were the bad battery, an exhaust gasket (that he stated should only be around $15 for the part and $30 for labor to have fixed), and the brake line that was busted during the test drive. Other than those three problems, he assured me that the car was in good working order with no other mechanical problems. I agreed to purchase the vehicle if he replaced the battery and repaired the brake line. I drove the vehicle off from the car lot and had to immediately go to the local gas station as the gas tank was on empty when it was sold to me. Going to the gas station, putting gas in it, and driving back to the car lot took approximately 10 minutes and I pulled back in to show him that the engine was running erratically, and dying on me, as well as informed him that the service engine, service vehicle, and anti-lock brakes lights had just all lit up, in addition to the digital speedometer not functioning properly. When I pulled up in front of the office and put it in park, I opened the door to his office and let him hear and watch it as the engine sputtered and died. You told me that it was probably because it was low on gas when I bought it and that the anti-lock brake light was probably just because the brake line was just repaired, that I should just drive it and it would be fine. The vehicle has not gotten any better since. I returned the vehicle with a several page written request for a refund within 23 days. The dealer refused and has since taken repossession of the vehicle.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

I turned this paper into the dealer 19 days after the purchase, letting him know of all of the problem and error codes the computer was showing. He told me to bring it up and leave it with him and he would look at it. I left it with him for an afternoon, I came back to his office when he called and said that he was finished, he said he had taken it to Coughlin Chevrolet in Chillicothe, Ohio and had it hooked up to the computer and that they said the problems were all being caused by the exhaust leak. I asked for a copy of the printout that he had from them and he told me that I did not need it, then proceeded to call me '***'. I got back in the car to realize that he had used significant gas at my expense (especially considering that when I purchased the car it had no gas). I trusted him, yet again, and made an appointment to get the exhaust gasket replaced. I had to special order the part from Coughlin Chevrolet as that was the only way to get it and paid almost $40.00 for just the rear pipe exhaust manifold seal. While on the phone with Coughlin Chevrolet, I spoke to the technician that the dealer had taken my vehicle to and he said that there were two major issues that were evident, the exhaust leak, and that there was a malfunction in the instrument panel cluster (digital speedometer) and that was not related to the exhaust leak. Ron in the service department informed me on 1-13-11 that there was also a significant chance of a problem with the manifold. I took the vehicle to Muffler Brothers and paid approximately another $40.00 in labor to have the rear pipe exhaust manifold seal replaced, which fixed the exhaust leak. The mechanice said the car was defective and the faults are listed below:1. Rear pipe exhaust manifold seal (Document 8)2. Intake Manifold Gasket (Document 8)3. Oil Pan Gasket (Document 8)4. Transmission Line Repair (Document 8)5. Fuel Line Repair (significant fire hazard) (Document 8)6. All 4 tires are in very bad condition, one tire has a stability internal belt busted, causing the car to shake badly when driving, that tire could blow out anytime.7. Oxygen Sensor (Document 8)8. ECM (Computer) (Document 8)9. Exhaust Support Bracket10. Power Door Locks11. Anti-lock brake system12. Hood safety latchTechnician also stated that the battery was not inserted correctly, performed by dealer. He stated that there will be significant cost to perform the much needed maintenance and repairs. The condition of the vehicle as well as the dangerous defects/malfunctions present caused me concern to even drive it. It shook badly because of the tire conditions (which could blow out), the fire hazard from the fuel line, the engine is very erratic and dies frequently resulting in loss of power steering/brakes. I had no idea how fast I was traveling as the speedometer is erratic. I fixed the exhaust leak, to which the dealer said was what was causing all of the problems. This is not the case. I told the dealer of my circumstances and that I needed a reliable vehicle, this vehicle has caused me to be late for work twice, already resulting in the termination of my job. As I have returned the vehicle before my first payment was even due (bi-weekly) and the keys; as well as provided the dealer with all of the documentation (via certified mail, which I have the receipt for) and the dealer has refused to provide any response.I would just like to get my $500.00 deposit refunded. I am even willing to not pursue a refund of the cost of the labor and repairs I put into the vehicle within the first two weeks.


Update: 3/8/12

After taking the dealer to court and winning the case for the entire amount of my money back plus interest and court costs, the dealer still refuses to pay, so I have go back to court and take further legal action against him.


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